The Ivy Wall
The Ivy Wall
A Nomadic Restaurant

the ivy wall

a dedication to food as language

Ivy grows quickly, secretly, decorating its new home in a green embrace. It has the ability to adapt, to grow as high as it will be let. To grow into narrow corridors, cracks, holes in walls. And without a doubt, it does. The wall keeps secrets in. Sounds without identification of origin, only a wall to grow fond adoration to from the outside. 


What we do, we do behind the Ivy Wall.

The Ivy Wall is a nomadic restaurant. We adapt to our surroundings, growing high. We grow in the alley, in the field, in the farm and garden. We grow in the residual warmth of the hearth. We grow behind the wall. Our goal is always seasonal, and multi sensational. Our meals are always respected as language, trailing vowels and creating the climax of every good story. 


We are the Ivy Wall.